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Incentive – A word that strikes fear (opportunity) into the hearts of Public Officials

“…incentives are tools used by Economic Developers to encourage and facilitate business development, relocation, expansion and retention…an incentive should encourage an activity or action that would not have otherwise occurred.”

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The Bulverde/Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation

The Bulverde/Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation (BSBEDF) is able to act as a liaison with prospective companies, the City of Bulverde, Comal County and other local governmental entities and utility providers to structure beneficial incentives, on a case-by-case basis, to assist qualifying companies with relocations, expansions, job training, infrastructure or site development needs, site redevelopment, and other areas of assistance as may be considered. All incentives are subject to approval by the relative jurisdictions.

The overall incentive package is determined by one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Targeted business or industry
  • Fulfillment of the vision of the BSBEDF, the City, the County and other Stakeholders
  • Jobs created or retained
  • Capital investment
  • Project location
  • Amount of new sales tax and property taxes generated by the project

Local Incentives

Below is a list of Local Incentives that, if eligible, the City of Bulverde, Comal County and other local governmental entities and utility providers may offer new or existing businesses.

  • Chapter 380/381 Agreements
  • Property Tax Abatements*
  • Appraised Value Limitations (i.e. School Property Tax Relief)
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)/Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)
  • Freeport and Goods in Transit Exemptions

*The City of Bulverde offers property tax abatements for personal and real property as afforded by Chapter 312 of the Texas Local Government Code on a case by case basis tailored to the company's needs and based on the type, value, and productive life of the property to be abated; number of jobs created or retained; capital investment; local payroll created; amount of local sales tax generated, and increase in tax base during and after abatement. Comal County offers property tax abatements in compliance with its Tax Abatement and Rebate Guidelines. Click here to download Comal County's Guidelines and Criteria for Tax Abatement's and Rebates. Click here to download Comal County's Application for Tax Abatement/Economic Development Incentives.

For more information, contact Sherry Mosier at 830.885.4331 or sherry.mosier@bsbedf.com.  

State Incentives

Below is a list of Incentives and Programs that, if eligible, the State of Texas can offer new or existing businesses. For a summary of each of these listed incentives and program click here.

  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Emerging Technology Program
  • Skills Development Fund
  • Self-Sufficiency Fund
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Program
  • Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Program
  • Texas Capital Fund Real Estate Development Program
  • Rural Municipal Finance Program
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
  • Texas Industry Development Program
  • Texas Leverage Fund
  • Bonds
  • Texas Product/Business Funds
  • Section 108
  • Texas Economic Development Act
  • Ad Valorem/Property Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Rule 9.105
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Renewable Energy Incentives
  • Permit Assistance
  • Moving Image Industry Incentive Program
  • Cancer Prevention and Research General Obligation Bonds
  • Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition for Employees
  • New! Skills for Small Business Program